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Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday Hi my friends!I have been talk to my friend and we talk about her plan on holiday,come and see the conversation!!

Fathir :"Hi Zidan whats up?!"
Zidan :"Hi Bro Im fine how about you?"
Fathir :"Im fine too,long time no see you."
Zidan :"Thats good,ya after we finish Senior High School we never meet again."
Fathir :"Yupp,do you have plan on next holiday?"
Zidan :"Yes I have."
Fathir :"Where do you want to go?"
Zidan :"I will go to my hometown"
Fathir :"Wow,where is it?"
Zidan :"Padang,that my favorite place because i was born there."
Fathir :"Thats good bro,what you favorite place at padang?"
Zidan :"Yes I know this place is named Pantai Air Manis this is my favorite place because the scenery in 
            this place is very nice and from child My parents always bring me to this place if I couldn't stop
            crying they always bring me to this place and I will s…

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